Natural Fat Loss: Green Tea Extract

Natural Fat Loss: Green Tea Extract

More Facts About Green Tea Weight Loss

Natural Fat Loss: Green Tea Extractfizzy slim

www.ihealthtube.com Bill Gottlieb explains research that proves taking a green tea supplement can prevent weight gain after a person loses weight by dieting. An educational video exclusive on ihealthtube. Twitter twitter.com Facebook: www.facebook.com Myspace: profile.myspace.comatlant gel

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I have a question that I hope someone can answer for me.I’ve heard some people say that for the best results you have to drink organic green tea & it matter what kind you should drink & also should you add sugar to it or sweeter please someone help me.

I am curious as to what Green Tea Extract is exactly. What is the difference between the extract and the tea itself? What exactly is extracted and what is left behind? Thanks.

Forget about taking the extract supplement.Just drink a high quality organic green tea every day.

Drinking full leaf organic green tea everyday is much healthier for you than just taking a supplement.

The extract supplement equals to 2-3 cups of Green Tea and is less time consuming.

Research shows that drinking green tea actually only burns 80 calories a day. So nothing that would make a huge difference in weight loss. But if you are convinced it is better then that, drink the tea. Supplements wont keep you hydrated like a tea will.

green tea extract is great helped me lose loads much beter that cla or any thing elce iv tryed

dude, 80 calories a day is great, thats almost 1000 a week if you drink it daily.

plus, a cup of green tea, or 15 min walk.

Yo He looks like pastor Dave from That 70’s show xD

i drink more than 10 cups of green tea….i cant stop that drinking habit hahahhh

I think in drinking tea over the extract, you would tend to drink more water.

Where do I go and buy this green tea extract?? I kno the guy is talking about taking the supplements is better, but i prefer drinking the tea instead of taking the supplements. Can anybody give me an advice of what kinda of green tea I should take?

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You could actually find the green tea extract at wal-mart. There about $10.00 for about 150 pills. You take 2 in the morning with breakfast, and 1 or 2 with your dinner. You should also diet and do exercise daily, to increase the chances of loosing wieght

its 560 calories a week if you drink it once a day, but if you take it twice a week you burn 1120 calories! thats nearly a pound every 3 weeks!

how’s your math? 80 calories per day, 7 days a week = 560 calories.

dont ask me what I was thinking…

perhaps I rounded of 80 to 100, and with the extra Cardio.. being wth the tea making it 700, then cardio in that weekly period pushing it to 1000. …

unless I was hungover.. and have no idea what I was on about

is there any harm of drinking green tea more than once a day, i mean how many cups i should drink on a daily basis ? pls help ..thx

i drink 20 cups per day and everything is ok exept my poo is green (joke) i drink one cup instead of coffe in the morning

I tried green tea today for the first time and suprisingly I hated it! I don’t know why, maybe I made it wrong. I made it by simply adding the teabag to water and that’s it. Am I making it wrong? If so can someone tell me the right way or how to make it taste better keeping the same effects of the tea? Please help!

i dont hate it but i dont like the taste

but after a bit ull get used to iht

buh im forcing ma self to have iht bcos im tryna b healthy xxx

if ur in america u might call it walmart

Add honey and lemmon juice. no sugar

75% of Americans are overweight????? holly shit what do you guys eat?

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Natural Fat Loss: Green Tea Extract

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